3D Design

The technological facilities must be designed so that all technological equipment is working as required and at the same time all the specifics of the biological processes and hydraulic flows are taken into account. Therefore, the design of technological facilities require very complex spatial solutions. Also, it is very important to get a detail overview of the spatial part of the facility i.e., the placement of the equipment, maintenance area, and the possible location on pipelines and other communications. Thanks to 3D model highly visual nature, it also helps to quickly develop a common project understanding between the client and engineers. 

For efficient project management it is also necessary to link the piping and equipment technical data with the technological diagrams and three-dimensional drawings. Therefore, when designing more complex technologies we mostly use building information modelling to ensure that all the different project parts from technological diagrams to site plan are linked. As a result, this will provide more accurate and efficient designing process between all parties involved and ensure that the technological facilities are planned as good as possible.