Sludge management

Are filamentous bacteria dominating the wastewater treatment plants ?
What can be done with the sewage sludge?
Is sewage sludge properly stabilised and disinfected and is suitable for using as a product or a waste?
Are wastewater sludge dewatering results satisfactory or dry matter content could be higher?

To get answers for those questions studies of sewage sludge should be carried out. Aqua consult Baltic can help with that. We can offer comprehensive studies of sewage sludge, which includes assessing if the proper stabilisation and disinfection parameters of the sewage sludge has been achieved.

We have also developed a method that will help to determine free and bound water content of sewage sludge. The free water fraction is particularly important, since only this fraction can be separated during mechanical dewatering and by determining that we can assess the maximum dry matter content than can be achieved with mechanical dewatering.