Main design

When designing a wastewater treatment plant then the whole facility project depends solely on the planned technology. Therefore, most sensible approach is that the technology designer is also the lead designer and is responsible of the coherence of the entire project, starting from studies to the start-up and optimization of the treatment process. This is also preferred method for aqua consult Baltic, because this way it can be ensured that the best treatment technology is provided for the client. 

In order to find the best solution for the industry, we analyse each situation separately taking into account the specifics and the location of the industry. For starters we analyse the composition and quantity of wastewater in different production stages to determine streams that can be inhibitory to biological wastewater treatment and needs more complicated treatment technology. 

We offer complex services starting from preliminary sketch to a detailed design. We can help the client from the very start with wastewater analysis and feasibility studies till to the completion of construction activities and process start-up.

And even after the start-up we can support customers with operating and optimization of the treatment plant.

We offer following design services:
Determining the best available technology for specific wastewater incl. conducting pilot tests
Wastewater treatment systems designs
Assessment on the project cost effectiveness in different project stages (scheme design, conceptual design, detailed design).
Construction project for wastewater treatment plants
Reconstruction solutions for wastewater treatment plants


Design of Arke meat factory wastewater treatment plant


AS Kalev chocolate factory wastewater anaerobic and aerobic process pretreatment design (10,000 PE) 2006-2008