Wastewater studies

Efficient industrial wastewater treatment is a great challenge as wastewater characteristics are as complex and varied as the industries that produce these waste-streams. For that reason, industrial wastewater needs much more detailed analysis both in terms of load fluctuation and wastewater composition. Also for industrial wastewater treatment there are significantly more diverse solutions compared to domestic wastewater treatment, therefore commonly analysed parameters might not be sufficient to determine the best technology. For example, toxic and non-biodegradable substances together with inhibition tests can be also crucial parameters to design efficient/well working industrial wastewater treatment plants. In most cases it is also necessary to carry out in-depth analysis of wastewater which includes determining the biodegradability of wastewater and fractionation of organic matter present in the wastewater. 

Aqua consult Baltic has a long-term experience in carrying out in-depth analysis of wastewater, determining inhibitions and interpreting these results to give input for wastewater treatment plant dynamical modelling.