Aqua consult baltic is an independent environmental engineering design and consultancy company with specialisation to municipal and industrial wastewater treatment technology. We are dedicated to offer reliable wastewater treatment technologies to our clients. 

The main business area of the company is consulting, designing and project management for wastewater, drinking water and water-based technological processes. Although, our primary focus is the development of wastewater technologies, we have also competence in complementary technologies like sludge treatment, biogas and/or drying, biogas production and water purification, stormwater management, waste air treatment and optimisation of energy management. 

Our preferred concept for the clients is to offer the full design package, staring from the wastewater studies, pollution load analysis and conceptual technology studies followed by feasibility analyses and detailed design and eventually be involved with the start-up and optimisation of the wastewater treatment process. In complicated technological issues, studies and at the technology development projects we are in a close collaboration with the researchers from the universities and are always dedicated to solve your wastewater problem in a feasible way with contemporary/best available technologies. 

aqua consult Baltic does not represent any specific technology provider, thus we are acting as an independent consultant to provide our clients reliable, feasible and up to date technological solutions.

As a part of aqua consult group with the main office in Hannover, Germany, we are located in Estonia. During the 25-year activity we have realized more than 150 designs of wastewater treatment plants. Together with more than 40 years activity and over 1000 WWTP designs from Germany, we have a vast experience in the wastewater treatment technology.

Technology of wastewater treatment is our passion. Help us to realize it!