Wastewater studies

Data about wastewater treatment plant pollution and hydraulic loads are the most important input data for wastewater treatment plant designing process, that is why wastewater studies should be always carried out prior designing the plant. If existing plant is experiencing problems or needs optimisation, then additional samples from process tanks and/or from sewage sludge should be also taken. Aqua consult Baltic has a long-time experience with wastewater studies and can carry out analyses from influent, effluent, sewage sludge and leachate to find out the pollution loads of main wastewater parameters and/or more complex hazardous and inhibiting compounds. Samples are always taken by certified personnel and will be subsequently analysed in accredited laboratories. Based on the results, detailed analysis will be carried out which includes assessing the compliance of environmental requirements and pollution loads.

To design well operating wastewater treatment plants together with precise models it is necessary to conduct a detailed characterisation of wastewater, especially if a complex industrial wastewater with inhibitory compounds needs to be treated. During the in-depth characterisation of wastewater organic pollutants biodegradability and its fractions will be determined. Division of the compounds into their constituent fractions is called fractionation and a long-time experience has showed that it is a valuable tool for wastewater treatment process assessment. Thus, aqua consult Baltic can offer in depth analyses for all wastewaters together with results interpretations and with the dyamic models for the cleaning processes.