Hydraulic modelling

One of the essential procedures in the designing of wastewater treatment plants are predicting different hydraulic situations that may occur during the operation of the plant. Aqua consult baltic has several tools and skilled personnel to carry out hydraulic calculations and models for both gravity and pressurised systems. Modelling calculations are mainly used when more hydraulically complex systems are designed. Long modelling experience has given us a lot of feedback on model calibration and verification. 

For smaller and simpler wastewater treatment plants classical hydraulic calculations can be used, which must be bound together to a uniform model if large hydraulic fluctuations occur. However, with bigger and more complex systems in cooperation with partners we can also offer computational fluid dynamic (CFD) solutions. 

For instance, we have participated in a design of a rainwater test station in Germany. The outcome of the project was a complex test system, which included an artificial street with a variable slope together with rainwater systems, car access and artificial rainwater system. As a result, different rainwater solutions and products can be tested on the test site. Our part of the project was to carry out the modelling of artificial rain producer piping and rain nozzles so that boundary conditions could be tested.