AS Kalev chocolate factory wastewater anaerobic and aerobic process pretreatment design (10,000 PE) 2006-2008

Customer: AS Kalev Real Estate Company, Orkla Eesti AS

At 2005, due to process design changes water consumption in Kalev chocolate factory was reduced. Thus, wastewater concentrations increased and local WWTP of Jüri could not handle the loads and Kalev chocolate factory had to establish preliminary treatment plant.

At I phase aerobic pre-treatment was established, at second phase extension of WWTP was designed at which anaerobic pre-treatment with biogas use would be integrated to the treatment process.

Wastewater treatment plant

  • Directing industrial wastewater to the WWTP,
  • Mixing and accumulation tank,
  • Chemical dosing pumps for neutralization and adding of nutrients,
  • Activated sludge reactor is used for aerobic treatment,
  • After aerobic treatment wastewater will be lead to lamella clarifier, where activated sludge settles,
  • At I phase it is the only biological phase,
  • At II phase it will be the last biological phase after anaerobic treatment.


Service offered

  • Wastewater studies,
  • Preliminary design,
  • Detail project at two phases,
  • Project management during construction,
  • Project management,
  • Start-up
  • Operating (since 2008)