aqua consult Baltic helps to mitigate and adapt with climate changes in Rwanda

Wastewater management is one of the main challenges in the developing countries due to growing population and lack of sewerage systems. Besides the effects on the environment and public health, it also has a negative impact on the climate. Rwanda also faces that problem, especially in rural areas. However financial instruments to build sustainable infrastructure are often lacking. Within the framework of the „Climate policy objectives for developing countries “ measure aqua consult Baltic is developing an anaerobic wastewater treatment plant for a local boarding school in Bugesera district, Rwanda. The plant is designed to have minimal maintenance and operating costs to ensure the sustainability of the plant.

During the construction of the treatment plant a sewer line and a biogas storage system will be also built. The biogas generated during the anaerobic process will be used for cooking purposes and effluent will be reused for flushing water in the toilets to achieve highest resource efficiency. When the construction works of the treatment plant is completed, local operators will be thoroughly trained by aqua consult Baltic team members to ensure the long-term performance of the treatment plant.

Site visit by aqua consult Baltic team members in September 2022

The project is financed by the Republic of Estonia and lasts until June 2025. The amount of support is 170 144.00 €.

Project partners

  • Alkranel OÜ (Estonia)
  • FEPEAR (Rwanda)