Design works of Võru wastewater treatment plant enlargement (27600  PE) 2020-2021

Customer: Võru Vesi AS 


Võru wastewater treatment plant load after enlargement is 27 600 PE, Qkesk=3 500 m3/d

  • Distributor unit to lead wastewater from main pumping station to treatment plant of emergency tank,
  •  Coarse screen for wastewater from Väimela, Parksepa and Kirumpää line,
  • Preliminary purification with fine screen and grit chamber,
  • Reception station for liquid waste preliminary purification,
  • Equalization tank (1000 m³) and emergency tank,
  • One stage SBR (sequencing batch reactor) biological treatment for removal of carbon N and P compounds – adding third line ( V=2750m3),
  • Chemical P removal (secondary),
  • Reconstruction of equalization tank to aerobic stabilization (2x 350 m³),
  • New sludge dewatering unit,
  • Heated reception and collection tank for grease waste made of PE plastic (20 m³),
  • Windrow composting extension (additional composting fields).


Service offered

  • Pre-design studies (geodesy, geology, pollution load);
  • Preliminary design (incl technological design);
  • Construction documents and specification;
  • Services during construction;
  • Consulting customer and constructor during start-up period,
  • Start-up of the process and optimization.


Võru wastewater treatment plant, Võru Vesi AS